For Staff

One of the greatest resource teachers have is each other. It is important for teachers to communicate with one other and share ideas. Teachers can used the online Staff Room to hold discussions and share resources.

Mission Statement

Timpson High School Mission Statement

We believe that all children can learn, and our students will have the opportunity to prepare themselves for academic and social challenges in a technological world through the development of a positive self-esteem and personal pride in their individual accomplishments of academic and life skills. We will provide our students the opportunity to think logically, independently, creatively, and to communicate effectively in a multi-cultural society. All students will be expected to work toward mastering grade level TEKS. Accelerated learning will be provided through the Title I program for those students needing additional assistance. Timpson High School will include parents in all aspects of the Title I program. The partnership between the home and the school will be a foundation for providing educational success for all students.